Landscape photography is not a record of the natural environment, but rather the capture of light upon it. The space captured in a landscape photo can be vast or unending, or sometimes a vignette of one’s territory or man-made disturbances upon it.

Florida landscapes are generally classical black and white pictorial style. The long exposures for many minutes in bright Florida sun show details of trees, turn clouds into silk and water into glass.

Old Florida can be seen when exiting any Interstate and venturing onto lonely back roads — discovering old farms or cattle ranches or rambling down a bumpy county road to see the small towns, some of which seem to be ghosts. This is the dwindling spirit of Old Florida.

FLUrbex, usually abandoned or occupied by squatters, ranges from historical houses to defunct industrial sites or tourist attractions.

Sarasota, a fast-growing community on Florida’s West Coast that still retains its small-town charm, is known for some of the best beaches in North America and its arts and culture.