Sarasota Photographer Discovers Old Florida Time Capsule


The best experiences exploring the back roads come when you stumble upon a time capsule like the BC General Store in Yalaha, Florida.  It was a serendipitous moment to discover this Old Florida time capsule. We were thirsty & a little Bar-B-Q sounded nice. Betty Crenshaw & her partner let out a chuckle when I walked in due to the look on my face with my mouth hanging open in wonderment at all there was before me: thirty-five years of accumulation of all sorts of objects, collectables, memorabilia, skulls, bones, a stuffed Armadillo etc… It was all arranged like the most complex and intricate puzzle, elegantly displayed to be appreciated as an elaborate collage of Outsider Art. Sad to say Betty is closing her store down. She’s retiring and selling off all of her treasures of which I purchased a marvelous boars skull, a huge and beautifully marked turtle shell and a very large naturally formed wasp’s nest the size of a watermelon. Betty was kind enough to let me take some photos of her, the store and some of her regulars as they came in for their final farewells and fix of Q. What a delightful experience it was to feel the vibes accumulated over thirty-five years of Old Florida but so sad to see this beauty of a general store of original essence in its final moments.

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